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SEO Trends For 2020

SEO Trends for 2020

As the industries continue to grow over the internet, it is creating a new market online, which is far more effective in generating leads than any other medium. The change is quick, and new technologies are popping up everyday to help the websites perform better on the internet. Today, you cannot make your websites get noticed by search engines like Google with mere content writing strategies. There is a lot more coming in 2020, which will connect the market to the right customers with the help of much more refined search results. Here are the new trends in SEO which can help your content and website get higher ranking compared to those who are not using it yet.

Snippets will increase in Presence

Snippets was a great introduction by Google when it first arrived. It provided clear and precise answers to the searched questions before the top organic result from Google. The position of the snippet is called position O. It was innovative to provide quick information to the users and resulted in almost 55% of the clicks for finding the answers as compared to the search engine clicks. Snippets are the opportunities for content creator of any website to come up with better and relatable content to generate more traffic even when the website is not ranked first. Author ranking has also seen a rise in importance when determining whether or not a website ranks highly in search results.

Artificial Intelligence

AI is also one technology which is expanding in every field from chatbots to independent simulations. Google and other search engines are using artificial intelligence to come up with search results that occur on a daily basis. Today AI is being used in search engines to find out which article is valuable and which is not based on the learnt characteristics. This helps the search engines to rank the websites more precisely, and it is a technology which will continue to benefit in the coming future.

Artificial Intelligence

Voice Searches

As the AI grows stronger, the speech recognitions and keywords are also growing their importance as they are being used by users on their mobile devices to find suitable results to the user’s problem. Optmizing the websites for voice search can help in generating more organic traffic. Mobile devices are making space in everyone’s lives. Everyone today is able to afford a smartphone which supports voice commands. Most of the searches that take place today happen through mobile devices and home assistants such as Amazon Echo, Samsung Smart TV, Voice Pod, and more.

Mobile UX

The websites were previously designed to provide the right information to people. But today, it is much more than that. Today we have websites that can interact with users a lot better than just the static page websites, which makes them a much more preferred choice. Since the searches are increasing over mobile devices, the websites need to become more compatible and interactive on small screens as well. Especially when people like to spend their time productively and if they do not find the right UX, they will feel disinterested and look for other alternatives.

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